A Spring book sale in Montana

Montana, Words

As spring continues to try to break in Montana, I strut my stuff around town finding little things to do to occupy my time as I patiently wait for the sun to rise, the sky to clear, and birds to chirp.

Recently, my little town had a book sale and I took action, buying ten books for a few dollars. I love books, the smell of them, the joy of finding a special gem buried in a stack of thousands of books.

One of the books I bought is titled, My Last Supper, The Next Course: 50 More Great Chefs and Their Final Meals by Melanie Dunea. Fifty great chefs from around the world are asked six questions:

  1. What would be your last meal on earth?
  2. What would be the setting for the meal?
  3. What would you drink with your meal?
  4. Would there be music?
  5. Who would be your dining companions?
  6. Who would prepare the meal?

A second book I bought is titled, Walking: The World’s Most Exceptional Trails. Examples of trails included in the book are:

  • Taos to Sante Fe
  • Yellowstone to Grand Teton
  • Nova Scotia and the Fundy Isles- Digby to Woldville
  • Juneau to Glacier Bay

Clearly, these are long walks, the kind of walks where the mind gets right, the body relaxes, and time fades. Solviture ambulando, it is solved by walking.

A third book I bought that I would like to mention is titled, Pencil Broadsides (Enlarged Edition) by Theodore Kautzky. Unfortunately, I cannot draw. That aside, I have always been captivated by pencil drawings and charcoal sketches.  This book is filled with beautiful pencil drawings, such as cabins in the woods, bridges spanning from forest edge to forest edge, idyllic towns, and brick cathedrals.

I wonder this evening, what would my last meal be, where would my last hike be, and if I could draw a decent pencil drawing, of what would it be?

In another post, I will answer these questions.  For now, I must ponder…

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