Month: April 2018

Oh Death, What of Thee?

When I was young, maybe in 4th grade, I had my first experience with someone dying.  Down the street, in our middle class neighborhood, there was a young boy named Kyle, a stud, who excelled at racing BMX bikes.  In fact, this young man was […]


A Spring book sale in Montana

As spring continues to try to break in Montana, I strut my stuff around town finding little things to do to occupy my time as I patiently wait for the sun to rise, the sky to clear, and birds to chirp. Recently, my little town […]


Pets, Animals, and Society

I don’t have the time, but lately I have been thinking and wondering about the health of our society.  Civil discourse has been on the decline for a year now, and divisiveness and friction are the order of the day.  Much of this corresponds with […]

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Third Winter

I spent Easter in Tucson, Arizona with family.  It was a blessing, being surrounded by family, but also bitter-sweet. My grandmother, 94 years old, is dying.  Her liver and lungs have been infested with cancer and she’s on oxygen, fading, her spirit entering sacred space, […]

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