The Sun is Up

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Montana, Words

It’s been like a new planet, a new life, a new beginning.  Spring is breaking through in Montana and over the last several days the sky has been clear, the sun up, the days much warmer.

The snow is melting, I see more people out walking dogs, running, and more smiles.  It’s been a tough winter in Montana.  Lots of snow and several below zero daytime temperatures, without windchill.

This is my second Spring in Montana and it feels like I have earned it.  One earns their Spring in Montana.

I knew goodness was coming, I could sense it.

I had a situation at work that was causing me stress and uncertainty.  I don’t like discord, I much prefer harmony.  You know that person who enjoys conflict?  Yeah, that’s not me.  Nevertheless, this work situation, it was sketchy and I knew I needed to address it if I were going to be able to stay with the organization in good conscience.

So I addressed it in the best way I knew how, there were probably better ways, but I addressed it.  This situation has been going on for many years and as a result, addressing it has caused some blow back and frustration by those close to the little process they have built.

My mentality was, I am not going to turn a blind eye to what I know is improper.  While I did have to address this, I feel good that I did.  My head is held high and my feet are firmly planted on the ground, I stood with integrity, personal integrity.

My youngest son flies into Montana today and I cannot wait to see him.  We are going to ski, eat some good food, hit the hot springs, and enjoy each other’s company.

I do love my family.

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