Flying together

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Animals, Montana, Winter, Words

Another gray morning, another quiet walk with my dog.  I notice my chin is often down, my eyes on the ground, and my brain thinking, wondering, dreaming.

I often look up, to see bare trees, standing silent over me, naked arms.  In winter they drop their clothing and in the summer they wear it.  It’s a paradox.

This morning, geese flying.  33 geese flying in V formation, two in front, and 21 on one stem, and 10 on the other.  33, a balanced number, despite its oddity.

The geese bring to mind Christ, so loving with his disciples.  He sent them out 2×2, in pairs, to be with each other.  The smallest indivisible unit in the Kingdom is two.  Our salvation is not a personal relationship with Christ, it’s a life lived in a community of others, flying in V formation together.  Flying.

My salvation is found in you, the other.  But probably most especially the other that’s different than me.  Perhaps my salvation is found in Colin Kaepernick, as I hear his story and walk in his shoes.

On long journeys, despite what the Divine shows us through nature, we go it alone.  I do.  Why?  Slogging it out, sending out social media, as if we were together.  But we’re not.  I am alone.

The geese don’t go it alone, they fly together, in balance, drafting, resting, flying, resting, flying, together, in community.  They know their salvation is found in community.

The mechanisms of society, the structures, are not of nature.  They are of man and the motives are not community, but isolation and atomization.  Profit motives seek the destruction of community.

Thank god the geese, the birds of the air, don’t gather but are fed nevertheless.  A lesson from the Divine by seeing geese flying in formation.

I have not succumbed to the profit motive.  This makes me smile.  I still see god in geese, and therefore, my mind is not on Cesear’s coins.

No, the revolution will not be televised.  It will be manifest in silent walks on gray mornings, sensing the divine- community- in a flock of geese journeying together in V formation.

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