It’s time for me to step away from writing about politics

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During my lifetime, about 50 years, but not quite, I have not been involved in politics. I have voted a few times, but otherwise I have tended to render to Cesar what is Cesar’s.  Politics have always made little sense to me, and especially politicians.

Over the last two years, and especially the last year, I have become much more involved in politics.  “Involvement” may be an overstatement, but I do read the news from a variety of sources and stay current on political movements.

I even began to write about politics and my beliefs, with the hopes of finding my political voice through the writing process.  Just recently, I penned an Open Letter to the Democratic Party expressing my thoughts.  I encouraged my family to read the letter.  Their feedback was telling.  I sounded harsh, angry, they said.

Their feedback puzzled me because I had genuinely taken the time to write the letter with care, working not to sound angry and harsh.  It was this writing and exchange of information that made me realize, I am out of my element.  I am swimming in a cesspool and this is not who I am, nor the person I want to be.

It was impulsive, but nevertheless, I deleted my blog and simmered.  I knew that I would blog and write again, I had to, but my topic was still unclear.  In writing, I find that I need a focus, something to write about, or at least some boundaries.

I no longer have the religious impulse that I once had, I don’t want to write about politics, and so I reasoned that writing about travel, nature, animals, and in general writing about my adventures was a good, safe, healthy outlet for me in developing my writing.

So the reader is not left in wonder, on the political continuum, I am on the left.  I am left of the Democratic Party.  I believe in the commons, the commoner, and public space and place.  I would never advocate for authoritarianism, and especially not state communism.  I find common ground with libertarians, and also anarchist communists. Perhaps I am a socialtarian, or left libertarian. To working men and women everywhere, to peasants, and farmers, to trade unionists and craftsmen and women, the people, I find kinship.

With this brief admission of political sensitivity, it’s time for me to turn my writing and attention to healthy outlets, outlets that have historically made me happy, the peace found in breaking bread with a friend or taking a hike in nature.

It’s good to be back, writing, and I hope you will enjoy this personal pivot in my life.

Keep your stick on the ice.


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