Self-Reliance by Living in Community

My thoughts on self-reliance are based on the idea of living in community with others as a necessary precondition to becoming self-reliant.  This is a counter-intuitive notion, yes, but I am not alone in my thinking.  It’s more likely the case that our thinking on […]



Lately, I have begun to notice that many disparate elements of my life are coming together, so to speak, which are providing a more clear idea of who I am, what my essence is.  Does it sound weird to say this, that I am only […]

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Oh Death, What of Thee?

When I was young, maybe in 4th grade, I had my first experience with someone dying.  Down the street, in our middle class neighborhood, there was a young boy named Kyle, a stud, who excelled at racing BMX bikes.  In fact, this young man was […]


A Spring book sale in Montana

As spring continues to try to break in Montana, I strut my stuff around town finding little things to do to occupy my time as I patiently wait for the sun to rise, the sky to clear, and birds to chirp. Recently, my little town […]


Third Winter

I spent Easter in Tucson, Arizona with family.  It was a blessing, being surrounded by family, but also bitter-sweet. My grandmother, 94 years old, is dying.  Her liver and lungs have been infested with cancer and she’s on oxygen, fading, her spirit entering sacred space, […]

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Morning Contemplation, Tucson

I’m in Tucson, Arizona today visiting family and it’s beautiful.  Clear skies, sun up, no clouds, temperature 56.  Wow.  While Montana is beautiful, and it’s true, the sky is big, it’s hard to beat a Spring day in Tucson, Arizona.  Not much compares. As I […]

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Kemerovo Fire

I support hardworking, blue-collar men and women the world over.  Craftspersons, tradespersons, teachers, steel workers, peasants, farmers, etc.  Where there are men and women using their talents to create and tend to others in life, I honor them. Kemerovo, Russia is just such a hardworking […]

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Skiing with my son

My son is in town from Tucson, Arizona.  He’s visiting me and his visit makes all the difference in the world.  I love my children and I am so glad he’s here. He wanted to go snow skiing at Red Lodge Mountain Resort, so yesterday, […]

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The Sun is Up

It’s been like a new planet, a new life, a new beginning.  Spring is breaking through in Montana and over the last several days the sky has been clear, the sun up, the days much warmer. The snow is melting, I see more people out […]

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I have to make a decision soon, and I am vexed.  I know how to make decisions, using various decision-making matrices and such.  But this decision I must make runs deep, it will potentially have lifetime ramifications. But really, aren’t all decision such?  Each and […]

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